Seegrid Acquires Box Robotics

Acquisition will Accelerate Development of Human-Like Awareness for More Consistent and Productive Self-Driving Industrial Vehicles

Why did Seegrid Acquire Box Robotics?

Seegrid Vision navigation technology—using cameras, algorithms and machine learning—is the best in the market. Our proven approach to navigation is due to our proprietary technology, which collects more comprehensive information and then prioritizes and filters data. Increasing our ability to interpret and use 3D LiDAR data in combination with our vision technology enhances the ability of automated industrial vehicles to see—and make decisions—in an even greater number of situations. Adding best-in-class 3D situational awareness to Seegrid’s already industry-leading 3D vision-based navigation will ultimately increase efficiency and productivity of the industrial vehicles that leverage this best-in-class technology.

Learn More About the Acquisition

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