We deliver more than
self-driving vehicles

Our vision goes beyond VGVs

Your dedicated team of Seegrid experts is here to advise and support you from initial application solution scope to daily analysis of your fleet. That's how we make sure your operation is working efficiently—today and as you grow.

application engineering consulting

Our team of application engineers will work closely with you to develop custom recommendations aimed at optimizing your operations, saving you time and money.

customer success

Whether you’re installing a fleet of ten VGVs or a fleet of hundreds, Seegrid’s Customer Success team will support you from project kick-off through implementation and beyond. Post-install, they will keep tabs on your fleet, measuring productivity and suggesting ways for your facility to continually innovate.

training and education

Seegrid VGVs are built on familiar chassis, but robots can seem scary. Our complimentary two day training program gives your technicians the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of their robotic co-workers. By the time they leave Seegrid HQ, your team will be training routes in-house in a matter of minutes.

service and support

Technician out sick? We’re here for you, 24/7. Our service team is available to answer your questions—by phone or in person.

the platform

Big brands choose Seegrid’s proven and unique Platform for efficient and connected materials movement. Every day, our VGVs are hard at work at customer sites, delivering goods with unmatched flexibility and reliability.

we're here to help

We’ll teach you how to maintain your self-driving VGVs in-house, but we won’t leave you high and dry.

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