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We’re in the era of smart machines and smarter materials handling. Industry leaders are investing in sensor-equipped technologies that capture data and allow them to monitor material flow in real-time. As connected, data-rich sensors themselves, Seegrid self-driving VGVs are a natural extension of your Industry 4.0 and lean initiatives.

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seegrid supervisor

We have the key to your smart factory. Seegrid Supervisor is fleet management software that executes flawless material movement and connects your smart factory.

fleet status

Real-time status updates and performance metrics allow you to monitor material flow efficiency from any smart device. At a glance, view intelligence from smart devices on the factory floor or optimize your VGV fleet from your operations control center.

software integration

Our API allows for integration with your enterprise (WMS/MES) or custom system, providing seamless day-to-day management of your business. Seegrid’s team of integration partners is ready to work with you.

plc integration & call buttons

Enable communication with network PLC integration. Dynamically re-route VGVs with remote calling to any location or dispatch VGVs to a different manufacturing line to support changing factory floor demand.


Keep goods flowing and reduce throughput downtime with automatic text and email alerts. Receive notifications when a VGV has a low battery, completes a delivery, or is stopped by something in its path.

custom business rules

We make it easy to manage and control your VGV fleet. Create custom business rules to support the unique aspects of your operation with a simple “When This, Do That” framework.

subway platform

Alert assembly operators that goods are en route with subway-style ETA projections. Management can track operations at a glance and team members on the floor know exactly when their materials will arrive.

intersection management

Our “traffic cop” keeps VGVs moving and goods flowing in high-traffic areas, granting or withholding access through congested intersections to ensure throughput needs are met.

the platform

Big brands choose Seegrid’s proven and unique Platform for efficient and connected materials movement. Every day, our VGVs are hard at work at customer sites, delivering goods with unmatched flexibility and reliability.


hard at work

Boosting efficiency and performance, improving safety, reducing rising labor costs, and improving market competitiveness

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