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Looking Ahead to 2017 Automation Trends and Impacts

There are safety issues, including ergonomics, repetitive motion, health impact issues, and legislative initiatives causing impacts for 2017, says robotics safety expert Mitchell Weiss. He is CTO of Pittsburgh-based Seegrid, is an accomplished executive of automation and robotics companies. Weiss oversees the engineering and manufacturing departments, providing system designs and architectures, as well as the company’s technology roadmap. As a senior executive for high-tech companies (Brooks Automation/PRI Automation, ProgramMation Inc., United States Robots, Inc.), Weiss’ influential expertise involved automation systems in electronics manufacturing, automotive, warehousing, and distribution.

Weiss spoke with industry leaders and cohorts in the standards and testing community for autonomous vehicles and landed on two new issues that are going to be felt more in industry, beginning in 2017.

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