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Seegrid Announced Robotics Journalist Awards at MODEX


Jeff Christensen of Seegrid and Bob Trebilcock, Modern Materials Handling

PITTSBURGH, PA – April 14, 2016 – Seegrid announced the recipients of the first annual Robo Journalist of the Year Award during MODEX 2016. Jeff Christensen, Vice President of Products and Services, shared, “I would like to thank the many experts in robotics journalism who applied for this award. It was difficult to choose between all the leading journalists reporting on the critical roles robots perform in the supply chain.”

The winners include:

The award acknowledged top journalists in the materials handling industry who have reported on the vital roles robots play in today’s factories and distribution centers.

Hitch commented, “Is there any more fascinating a topic to write about than robots right now? Half your audience may think their jobs are at risk, and the other ones can’t wait for an AI robot to become the best friend they never had, or maybe take care of their aging parents so they won’t have to. And it’s your job to separate the fear from the hope, the truth from the hyperbole. That is, until they find a robot to do it better.”

Trebilcock noted, “It’s a privilege to accept the award. As someone who has covered the materials handling industry for more than 30 years and is excited to watch the development of robotics solutions for our end users, it’s a privilege to be considered for this award.”

“I began my quest into robotics with an eye toward investing in publicly-traded and privately owned robotics businesses. I love what I’m doing – and finding out – and, in an effort to share my research, I set up and write articles for The Robot Report, a website that tracks the business of robotics,” responded Tobe.

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Seegrid is the leading provider of connected self-driving vehicles for materials handling with more than a million miles driven. The Seegrid Smart Platform combines flexible and reliable infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles with fleet management software for a complete connected solution. Seegrid accelerates Industry 4.0 and lean initiatives with incremental automation, helping companies achieve a truly connected enterprise and transform into smart factories of the future.

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