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When you look into the future, what do you see? We see a future of supply chains and logistics that looks like nothing we’ve experienced before. We see a changing landscape rife with opportunity for growth and profitability. And we see automation as a key driver of supply chain success.

Our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) can help you increase productivity, ensure safety, deliver strong ROI, and scale effectively. Watch our video and explore our automation solutions to learn more.

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We See Automation

See how Seegrid can transform your business.

Planning for Peak Playbook

We See Demand

See how flexibility through automation is critical to your peak demand strategy.

Seegrid Safety

We See Safety

4,000,000 miles, billions of pounds, ZERO safety incidents.

Our Vehicles

Seegrid vehicles see the world just like humans do because we have the most robust, reliable, and proven technology in the industry. Onboard sets of cameras capture and build a detailed, 3D map of the world around them.

When something in the environment changes, VGVs continue working, confident in their path. As your operation grows and changes over time, our vehicles can easily adapt without disrupting production or causing downtime.

Not All AGVs are Created Equal

Our proprietary use of cameras, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning to navigate is unlike any other. Simply put — Seegrid technology does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Customers choose Seegrid because of our vehicles unmatched ability to reliably and predictably navigate in self-driving mode — as demonstrated by our millions of miles driven with zero safety incidents — in live production environments.

What’s more, you don’t need an engineer to deploy, train, or reroute our vehicles. Change a route, improve a process, redeploy the vehicle to another facility, and more — while production is running.

Increases Efficiency
& Throughput

Decreases Waste
& Downtime

Increases Safety
& Reliability

Redistributes Hard
Labor to Robots

Empowers Your People

Our Fleet Management

Seegrid Supervisor fleet management software maximizes the operational efficiency of your fleet. Move toward becoming a “factory of the future,” where everything is connected for flawless material movement.

Track Materials from Any Device

Dispatch Vehicles On Demand

Receive Instant Email & Text Notifications

Receive ETA Alerts For Vehicles En Route

Our Service & Support

Our experts are committed to your success from the start. From the initial consultation to application scope, to implementation and training, to ongoing support, our approach helps you realize the full potential and value of the complete Seegrid smart solution. With resources dedicated to helping you hit your targets, our team will make sure your fleet is up and running quickly to achieve your objectives today and tomorrow.

Use-Case Consultation

Implementation & Deployment

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Classroom Training & On-Demand Education

We are passionate about delivering safe, flexible, and effective automation solutions that work.

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