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Autonomy That Works With You

We're more than just a technology provider—we're your partner in driving automation excellence with autonomous material handling solutions that work. With Seegrid's innovative AMR solutions, expert consultation, and unwavering support, we empower your facilities to achieve new heights of efficiency, productivity, and safety. Together, we'll bring you real-world results and maximum ROI.

Trusted by Top Industry Leaders

Meet Our AMR Fleet

Safely optimize workflows across your entire facility with a connected, end-to-end autonomous solution. Transform material handling with Seegrid AMRs to drive real results and achieve hands-free flexibility that increases productivity and reduces costs.

Explore Our Advanced AMRs

Revolutionize your material flow operations with Seegrid's reliable AMRs—delivering seamless load transport, unparalleled pallet manipulation, and efficient high-reach capabilities to enhance overall productivity and reduce costs.

Seegrid Lift RS1 AMR: Ideal for efficient low lift processes up to 6 feet

Seegrid Lift CR1: Go higher and heavier up to 15 feet and 4,000 pounds

Seegrid Tow Tractor AMR: Your go-to solution for heavy, long-haul travel

Seegrid Lift CR1 AMR

Seegrid's newest AMR boasts an industry-leading combination of height and capacity as it easily handles a wide range of material handling challenges including: material transport, vertical handling, and placement of goods and parts to line.

15' Lift Height

4,000 lb Payload Capacity

5 mph Max Speed

Seegrid Lift RS1 AMR

Designed for low-lift processes across manufacturing and logistics facilities, the RS1 provides seamless workflow automation that delivers unmatched efficiencies and productivity gains.

6' Lift Height

3,500 lb Payload Capacity

5 mph Max Speed

Seegrid Tow Tractor S7 AMR

Predictably transport cart trains and other heavy payloads using Seegrid's most proven and battle-tested form factor—the tugger—ideal for parts-to-line, replenishment, putaway, long-hauls, trash removal, and cross docking applications.

10,000 lb Load Capacity

4 mph Max Speed

14M+ Autonomous Miles Driven

Transforming Material Handling,
One Industry at a Time

Seegrid delivers tailored AMR solutions that meet the changing needs of today's manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing facilities. From best-practice consultation and project planning to route and task configuration, deployment, and ongoing support, we promise a trusted partnership that sets you up for industry-leading returns on your investment.

Jim Keppler
VP Integrated Supply Chain, Whirlpool

We've been able to take employees in our facilitity who were doing more mundane work and and position them in more value added roles—and let the Seegrid AMRs do the work.

Empower Your Workforce

Enable your team to focus on higher-value tasks while reducing costs and improving productivity. Seegrid AMRs offer manufacturing facilities the ability to keep production processes moving while lowering the risk of injury, improving efficiencies, and strengthening overall worker satisfaction.

Level Up Your Team
Dwarakesh Jayaram
Senior Industrial Engineer, Zulily

“At Zulily we are constantly changing, whether it’s where materials are stowed or when we add new equipment. Seegrid has provided us with a flexible solution that can be implemented quickly while optimizing human labor.”

Gain Competitive Advantage

With rising expectations for flawless, immediate order fulfillment, Seegrid AMRs provide customers with safe, reliable, and efficient warehouse operations for an unmatched competitive edge. Embrace the future of automation and stay ahead in the industry.

Enhance Your Warehouse Operations
Mike Key
Forklift Operator, DHL Supply Chain

It saves me a lot of time driving to and from the DSD area, and that frees me up to do more pallet picking and staging throughout the day.

Reliable Automation for Today, Tomorrow, and Everywhere

In a world where faster and cheaper deliveries are in high demand, Seegrid AMRs deliver reliable and predictable handling for any logistics operation. Experience seamless integration and future-proof your logistics strategy with our advanced autonomous solutions.

Optimize Your Logistics

Innovative Technology. Reliable Automation.

For over 20 years, Seegrid has set industry standards with a localization system built for mobile robots. With 14M+ customer miles driven, we continue to deliver long-term automation success through cutting-edge technology.

Pallet Detection

Industry-Leading Pallet Detection and Manipulation

Seegrid's unparalleled and protected IP technology generalizes beyond pallets and racks. Our autonomous Lifts reliably detect any forkable object with the ability to pick and drop to any drop surface—giving you the most flexible workflows in the market.


Robust Localization: Grid Engine + LiDAR SLAM

Built on pioneering work in 3D occupancy grid mapping, Seegrid AMRs offer some of the highest levels of accuracy and robustness with Sliding Scale Autonomy—merging predictability and agility for reliable dynamic path planning and the ability to easily adjust to changing facilities.

Fleet Management

Enterprise Fleet Management Software

Seegrid's next generation enterprise software platform allows for industry-leading deployment times with its user-friendly, low-touch operator experience and easy interoperability—providing data-driven fleet insights for continuous workflow improvement and performance.

Watch Our Innovations Unfold

Jim Keppler
VP Integrated Supply Chain, Whirlpool

We've been able to take employees in our facilitity who were doing more mundane work and and position them in more value added roles - and let the Seegrid AMRs do the work.

Jim Keppler
VP Integrated Supply Chain, Whirlpool

We've been able to take employees in our facilitity who were doing more mundane work and and position them in more value added roles - and let the Seegrid AMRs do the work.

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Still have questions or ready to start your journey to automation excellence? Contact our dedicated sales, application, and customer success teams for personalized support and guidance from the material handling automation experts at Seegrid.