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Vision-Guided Robot ‘Mr. Roboto’ Joins Zulily’s Workforce

Robots are changing the workflow of warehouses, and at the same time, providing a glimpse of the future workplace, as online retailer Zulily is finding out. The company, which sells clothing, home decor, toys, and gifts from up-and-coming as well as established brands, is using a vision-guided, autonomous robot from Seegrid in its warehouse — and the results have been positive.

The driverless vehicle, which the staff has nicknamed Mr. Roboto, uses advanced 360-degree vision to navigate complex facilities and effectively work side-by-side with human employees. Seegrid helped train manufacturing workers to train and operate the robot, do maintenance on the machine, and use web-based programs to manage and monitor the robot. In these new roles, the manufacturing employees become well-versed in robotics, automation, and vision technology.

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