Fleet Management with Seegrid Supervisor

Reduce variability by optimizing the flow of materials throughout your facility. Our powerful fleet management software “supervises” your vision guided vehicle (VGV) workforce – maximizing the operational efficiency of your fleet

Central Fleet Control

Increase productivity by monitoring material flow. View all vehicle information and receive instant alerts when action is needed for accurate material movement.

Keep Production Moving

Keep goods flowing in congested areas to ensure throughput needs are met. Supervisor acts as your automated traffic cop to keep VGVs and employees moving through hightraffic intersections.

Connect Your Operations

Supervisor easily integrates with your enterprise (WMS/MES) or custom systems, providing added visibility into day-to-day operations and insights into the productivity of your entire organization.

Put Vehicles to Work

Monitor, control, and continuously improve your operation with a connected fleet management solution that supports your unique workflows.

Your Smart Factory

Track From Any Device

Monitor the flow of materials throughout your facility from any smart device. Map and status views show where your VGVs and materials are going.

Dispatch On-Demand

Dynamically re-route VGVs to any location with remote calling or dispatch available vehicles to a different task to support changing demand.

Instant Notifications

Customize your notifications to ensure VGVs are always top performers. Automatic text and email alerts can inform when a VGV has a low battery, completes a delivery, and more.

Material Transit Tracking

Alert assembly operators that VGVs are en route with subway-style estimated time of arrival projections. With Supervisor’s Subway Platform view, team members on the floor know exactly when their materials will arrive.

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Easy to train and put to work, Seegrid VGVs provide a proven solution your company can rely on — increasing throughput, improving safety, and boosting productivity every day.

Fleet Management

Maximize the success of your vehicles with our fleet management software. Seegrid Supervisor monitors your VGVs and controls material handling and freight transport throughout your warehouse facility.

Service & Support

Our experts are here to advise and support you from initial consultation to daily analysis of your fleet. Our dedicated support teams ensure you’re realizing the fullest potential of your solution.