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Automation with a Human Touch

Extend the power of mobile automation throughout the enterprise with Seegrid expert services and dedicated resources for your team.

Leverage Our Expert Services and Resources to Drive Automation Success

Automation projects need to be expertly approached and executed to achieve day-to-day goals. They also need to be future proofed for long-term success.

A robot is just a vehicle with the potential to do something. But you need to turn that potential into a solution that delivers business value for you. We're here to help you do just that. Our tailor-made method of use-case design, implementation, adoption, training, on-demand learning, and ongoing support ensures each customer site has well-designed applications, well-trained employees, and a dedicated success team to assist along the way. The result? A high-performing AMR fleet working safely, predictably, and efficiently-achieving your goals today and as you grow.

Expert Services icon image Find Quick Wins

Find Quick Wins

Our industrial engineers and automation experts will work with you to gain an understanding of your current workflows and help you evaluate and identify great places to start with automation.

Expert Services icon image Deliver Scalable Results

Deliver Scalable Results

Do you want to increase throughput? Reduce safety incidents? Achieve faster ROI? We’ll help you set and achieve your goals—short term for immediate wins, and longer term to set a direction.

Expert Services icon image Continuously Improve

Continuously Improve

Your goals today aren’t going to be the same as your goals for tomorrow, and they’ll be different in ways you can’t predict. Our solutions are highly flexible, and our recommendations build resiliency for ongoing, long-term success.

We focus on humans as much as technology

Seegrid's highly knowledgeable professionals are committed to the success of your automation initiative today and into the future. We advise and fully scope your project during initial consultation, provide on-site implementation and deployment services, and once your AMR fleet is running in production, assist with automation analysis to maximize robot performance. Equipped with tools and customer resources available through our support and success teams, training programs, and 24/7 self-service online help center, your teams can quickly become comfortable and adapt to the technology-and make their own recommendations for automation opportunities!

We help humans realize the benefits of automation

Seegrid offers unparalleled expertise aimed at making our customers successful, with robust teams and decades of combined experience in industrial engineering and automation application scoping, AMR system deployment, and customer success post-installation.


Prior to deployment, we work with your team to understand your current and future goals. This first step ensures your AMR fleet performs at optimum levels and integrates with your existing infrastructure and strategic vision, maximizing the value of your investment.


Our team of industrial engineers collaborate with you to develop custom recommendations aimed at optimizing your operations. Applying industrial, manufacturing, and engineering backgrounds-and extensive, real-world experience from working with some of the world's largest brands-this extremely knowledgeable team collaborates with you to create the most effective solution for your needs.


To ready your Seegrid AMRs for rollout, our dedicated team of implementation specialists arrive onsite to help bring your vision to life. Our implementation specialists work with your employees, providing them with the information, hands-on training, and support they need to feel comfortable and confident working alongside the robots and managing their AMR fleet.


Our dedicated Customer Success team provides ongoing enablement to optimize your fleet, measuring productivity and suggesting ways for your facility to continually innovate. As an advocate for your operation, we work directly with you to meet your goals and proactively anticipate and resolve potential roadblocks. We are committed to being your automation guide to success.

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