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See how Seegrid customers safely reached
2 million autonomous production miles

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seegrid self-driving, vision-guided vehicles are unlike any other infrastructure-free AGV on the market.

Seegrid's vision-powered AGVs use a series of stereo cameras that work in unison to continuously capture and build a three-dimensional, computer-generated view of the world around them. Which means, when something in the environment changes, Seegrid AGVs compute thousands of up-to-the-moment reference points to continue successful navigation, uninterrupted. This reduces the risk of downtime and allows Seegrid AGVs to operate safely and seamlessly.

Learn how our vision technology helps you get more done, safely

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built to be flexible, reliable, and the safest on earth.

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Quickly train routes in-house while production is running.

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Immediately dispatch to different functions, shifts, or sites.

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Change from manual to driverless mode with ease.

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Expertly navigate surroundings using 3D vision.

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Confidently operate in ever-changing environments.


Deliver materials on time,
every time.

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Operate safely and seamlessly alongside human workers.

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Prevent injuries and accidents by never striking an obstruction.

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2M miles in production with zero safety incidents.

trusted by the best
  • This technology helps us meet and exceed our objectives. They have brought a level of consistency that is unmatched through traditional materials handling operations.

    Pasquale Forletta
    Remarketing Manager
    General Motors
  • The Seegrid solution is simple, highly effective, and presented the lowest risk of any other material handling automation available for our parts-to-line application.

    Jim Keppler
    Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain & Quality
    Whirlpool Corporation
  • We chose Seegrid because the vision technology does not require infrastructure for navigation. Vision guided tow tractors allow us to reduce labor costs and provide a safer work environment for team members.

    Jeremy Tyger
    Manufacturing Engineering Manager
    Daimler Trucks North America
  • VGVs from Seegrid have out of the box functionality and can be safely deployed across our operations without the need for any reengineering or infrastructure upgrades.

    Michael Thompson II
    Lean Transformation Leader
    United Technologies
  • Jaguar Land Rover turned to Seegrid for an efficient solution to improve the production process in the Halewood Press Shop. Seegrid’s VGVs offer Jaguar Land Rover a cost-effective, flexible solution which is easy to deploy throughout the various phases of production.

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