The Future of
Intelligent Automation

Seegrid AMRs leverage sensor fusion for an extremely accurate, human-like understanding of their environment, enabling greater efficiency and productivity. Jeff Christensen, VP Product, and Hans Moravec, Founder and Chief Scientist, discuss how automation creates a better future.

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Automation Solutions for Manufacturing

“The Seegrid solution is simple, highly effective, and presented the lowest risk of any other material handling automation available for our parts-to-line application.”

Jim Keppler
VP, Integrated Supply Chain & Quality
Whirlpool Corporation

Productivity Solutions for Logistics

“It saves me a lot of time driving to and from the DSD area, and that frees me up to do more pallet picking and staging throughout the day.”

Mike Key
Forklift Operator
DHL Supply Chain

Solutions for Warehousing

“At Zulily we are constantly changing, whether it’s where materials are stowed or when we add new equipment. Seegrid has provided us with a flexible solution that can be implemented quickly while optimizing human labor.”

Dwarakesh Jayaram
Senior Industrial Engineer

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Computer Vision and LiDAR eBook

Computer Vision
and LiDAR

Read our new eBook to discover the different types of sensors typically used on AMRs and the benefits of using many data points for a more complete picture of the world


Top Automotive OEM Applications

Download this infographic to take a closer look into the material flow for automotive OEMs as well as some of the best fit applications for Seegrid Palion AMRs.


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