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Driving Safety

Seegrid VGVs autonomously move billions of pounds of materials each month, and have safely driven millions of autonomous miles in real production facilities without a single personnel safety incident.


Production Miles by Self-driving Vehicles

ZERO Personnel Safety Incidents


Seegrid vision guided vehicles excel at routine and repetitive tasks — assign tedious and risk-prone jobs with confidence.


Cameras and machine learning enable vehicles to “see” their surroundings — this proprietary, 360° vision is critical in dynamic environments.


When in autonomous mode, Seegrid vision guided vehicles always follow the rules, working seamlessly and tirelessly alongside human coworkers.

A Safer Vision

Seegrid Vision, our proprietary, proven, and unique navigation technology, is fundamental to Seegrid’s ability to deliver on safety requirements. Using stereo cameras, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning, our patented technology enables VGVs to see and process more information about the environment than laser-based navigation systems.

By collecting more comprehensive information, and then prioritizing and filtering data, Seegrid VGVs uniquely and dependably deliver autonomous material flow in dynamic, real-world operations.


Laser Guided Vehicles

Lasers provide a single slice of the environment, increasing chances for error in dynamic spaces.

That’s why laser-guided vehicles have a limited understanding of their surroundings, which makes lasers an unreliable source for navigation guidance in dynamic operations.

  • Fragmented, partial view of the world
  • Unreliable in dynamic environments
  • With a limited number of data points, laser-guided vehicles are prone to failure in dynamic environments

Vision Guided Vehicles

Seegrid’s complete, hemispheric field of view of the world means our vehicles work confidently for you — every hour of every day.

  • Detailed, expansive field of view
  • Robust in dynamic environments
  • With tens of thousands of reference points, VGVs navigate seamlessly in high-traffic, dynamic environments

Going Beyond the Standard

With computers in control of the Seegrid automated guided vehicle at all times, the vehicle will reliably follow the intended route, maintain the right speed limits, avoid collisions, behave predictably and consistently, and never behave erratically. Because there is no greater concern than the safety, health, and lives of workers, self-driving vehicles are designed with fail-safe features. With these redundant safety systems, Seegrid VGVs go above and beyond ANSI B56.5 safety standards, working seamlessly — and safely — alongside their human coworkers.

Let the Robots Do the Hazardous Work

Facilities are safer when our vision guided AGVs take over the monotonous, extremely physical, and dangerous work. Seegrid AGVs don’t have bad days, cut corners, or get distracted. By automating the hazard-prone repetitive jobs, human workers become more engaged and satisfied — and can focus on more value-added work.

Safety Sensors

Equipped with two safety systems, Seegrid AGVs go beyond safety requirements to ensure the utmost safety of your personnel. The redundant safety systems cause the AGV to reduce speed or come to an immediate, complete stop when a person or object is detected. Seegrid AGVs that move in reverse have additional safety sensors behind the vehicle.

Emergency Stop Buttons

E-stop buttons ensure the safety of your facility at all times. When pressed, the motor brake is immediately applied, bringing the vehicle to a stop.

Turn Signals

Indicator lights atop the AGV indicate direction of travel during turns, so your personnel always know which way the AGV is going.

Horn Honks and Motion Alarms

Seegrid vehicles notify teams how they are working with distinct alerts. An auto horn indicates motion is starting, a travel tone indicates a vehicle is in motion, and a horn signifies travel in reverse.

Keeping Your Team’s Safety Top of Mind

Learn about safety and more with our two-day training program gives your technicians the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of their robotic co-workers. By the time they leave Seegrid HQ, your team will be training routes in-house in a matter of minutes.

Safety is paramount and a priority.

VGVs always follow the rules of the road, creating a safe and collaborative environment.

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