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Seegrid Technology is Intelligent Automation

Seegrid Palion™ AMRs are vision guided and see the world just like humans do. Fusing our unique computer vision system with real-time sensor data, our proprietary algorithms create a fully autonomous robotic fleet with an unmatched ability to see, understand, and learn.

We See a World of Possibility

Our advanced automation and robotics technology is a continuation of breakthrough robotics pioneered by world-renowned roboticist Dr. Hans Moravec, our chief scientist. After decades of perfecting vision technology, Hans founded Seegrid in 2003, bringing mobile robotics to material handling. Seegrid's navigation technology is proven and unique, protected by 100+ patents, trade secrets, and proprietary information.

Seegrid embraces ingenuity and has a visionary mindset. Continuously evolving to support customers’ complex supply chain and operational challenges, Seegrid is committed to the advancement of our proprietary, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies—leading our customers into the future of intelligent automation with reliable robotics technology and flexible industrial automation solutions.

Seegrid’s Proprietary, AI-Based Algorithms

Global leaders in logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing leverage Seegrid’s algorithms through mobile robots and enterprise software to drive efficiency, reduce cost, and improve safety.

Seegrid Vision Icon

Reliable Navigation with 3D Computer Vision

Individually equipped with our proprietary computer vision system, Palion AMRs see a three-dimensional world just like humans do. Seegrid’s AI-based algorithm collects and prioritizes massive amounts of real-world, live data points, enabling Seegrid robots to reliably navigate in busy, ever-changing industrial environments.

Seegrid Vision
Seegrid Sensor Fusion

Human-Like Comprehension with Sensor Fusion

Palion AMRs see and process more data, collecting a higher density of information for an extremely accurate understanding of their immediate surroundings. Seegrid’s algorithms fuse data from a combination of real-time sensors with vision-based data, providing the industrial robots an enhanced understanding of their environment, providing a greater ability to comprehend and make decisions across a greater number of situations.


Data Exhaust for Optimized Performance

Data is captured in every centimeter of a robot’s journey and leveraged by sophisticated machine learning techniques to continuously increase the understanding and capability of the robotic fleet.


This data exhaust is captured by Seegrid’s enterprise software, Supervisor and Fleet Geek, providing powerful insights and vital information about the status and performance of the Palion AMR fleet to maximize the performance and optimization of material flow.


Autonomy that works with you.

Trusted in transforming the world's supply chain by delivering safe, flexible, and effective autonomous material handling solutions that work.

Ready to explore how Seegrid can help transform your workflows?