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Seegrid Vision enables ordinary vehicles to see the world just like humans do. Taking our cue from nature, our camera 'eyes' come in pairs, and peer all around to capture a complete view of the environment. Armed with thousands of reference points captured in real time, our patented 3D evidence grid technology provides Seegrid vision guided vehicles (VGVs) unparalleled capacity for autonomous navigation.

The Seegrid Vision-ary

When Dr. Hans Moravec gave his first robot “sight” at Stanford in the 1970s, it took the vehicle five hours to cross a classroom. Fast forward 30 years, and computing power finally caught up to Hans’ original vision for machine perception. After decades of perfecting vision technology at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon, Hans founded Seegrid in 2003, bringing artificial intelligence to materials handling. As our Chief Scientist, his vision has guided us ever since.

What we do is who we are – applying technology in the real world to create real value, and having fun doing it.

seegrid leadership

  • Jim Rock CEO

    At Seegrid’s helm is Jim Rock, a progressive leader of growth-stage technology companies. Jim’s expertise spans 20+ years in hi-tech industries including artificial intelligence software, voice recognition technology, acoustic semiconductors for mobile devices, and enterprise-grade software.

    Jim developed his business acumen in a series of challenging career and entrepreneurial opportunities with companies, including serving as President of Vocollect Healthcare, Inc. (acquired by Honeywell), Founder and CEO of Akustica, Inc. (acquired by Bosch), SVP at Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc. (acquired by Novell), and VP at Carnegie Group. Jim holds a BS in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Penn State University.

  • Dr. Hans Moravec Chief Scientist & Founder

    A true robotics visionary, Hans is Seegrid’s founder and the inventor of evidence grid technology. Formerly a research professor and director of the Mobile Robot Lab at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, Hans retains an adjunct faculty position at CMU. His academic work has been funded by numerous government agencies, including NASA, DARPA, and the Office of Naval Research.

    Hans holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Acadia University. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

  • Mitchell Weiss CTO

    An accomplished executive of automation and robotics companies, Mitchell oversees Seegrid’s engineering and manufacturing departments and is responsible for designing the company’s forward-thinking technology roadmap.

    Mitchell holds 23 patents, is an expert witness in IP litigation, and is Vice Chair of ASTM F45 Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles, and a member of ANSI/ITSDF B56.5 Safety Standard For Driverless, Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles And Automated Functions Of Manned Industrial Vehicles. He holds a Bachelor of Science from MIT, a Graduate Certificate in IP from Northeastern University, has taught at Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania, and has lectured at MIT.

  • Steve Barto CFO

    Steve’s deep financial expertise stems from 30+ years managing the rapid expansion of high-tech growth companies. Prior to joining Seegrid, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of ITC Global (acquired by Panasonic Corporation) and Chief Financial Officer of Vocollect (acquired by Honeywell).

    Throughout his career, Steve has been an executive and strategic advisor to numerous public and privately-held companies focused on accelerating growth, and has held leadership positions at companies including Panasonic, Intermec, BPL Global, Ericsson, Marconi and RELTEC. Steve is a CPA and began his career in finance at Price Waterhouse (now PwC) after earning his BBA in Accounting at Kent State University.

  • Chris Visnic VP, Sales

    A seasoned sales leader with an engineering background, Chris’ expertise encompasses product design and manufacturing, robotics, Lean Six Sigma, computer-aided engineering (CAE), materials handling, and SaaS technology.

    Chris has extensive management experience at startup and software companies, including Autodesk, ANSYS, Ciespace Corporation, and IQity Solutions. He holds two degrees from Carnegie Mellon University: a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Structural and Computational Mechanics.

  • Jeff Christensen VP, Products & Services

    A perceptive strategist, Jeff oversees Seegrid’s product development, marketing, and customer success teams. His career spans technology design, information delivery solutions, business intelligence, and analytic software. His expertise is in growing startups into multinational corporations (Rhiza Labs, MAYA Design, Inmedius). Jeff studied Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hope College.

  • Sid Wiesner VP, Engineering

    Sid leads Seegrid’s engineering team with a focus on hardware, software development, and quality assurance.

    During a previous tenure at Seegrid, Sid fulfilled the role of director of development. He went on to work with an NGO, helping small-scale subsistence farmers and managing IT systems in Kenya. Sid also brought his technology expertise to a number of healthcare companies (Wellbridge Health, Touchtown, Inc.) before returning to Seegrid. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from West Virginia University.

  • Scott Naugle VP, Quality

    A seasoned professional with extensive experience in manufacturing systems, Scott oversees Seegrid’s quality management system (QMS) and is the guiding force behind the company’s culture of continuous improvement. Scott leverages a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and 20 years experience in semiconductor manufacturing, product/process development, modeling, reliability, packaging, quality and testing.

  • Tim Spang VP, Operations

    Tim oversees Seegrid’s supply chain operations and all aspects of the production, assembly, and fulfillment process.

    Tim’s expertise stems from years of improving production efficiency in the manufacturing and distribution facilities of large medical device and technology companies, including Haemonetics, Unilife, and Bayer. Tim holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University and an MBA in Finance and International Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Transforming Materials Handling

Today, Seegrid Vision transforms powered industrial vehicles into the next generation of AGVs: Vision Guided Vehicles (VGVs). Guided by cameras instead of wires, lasers, magnets, or tape, VGVs transport goods with unmatched flexibility. Industry leaders depend on VGVs to reduce labor costs, improve safety, increase productivity, and boost competitiveness.

Carrying on the Vision

A decade after our founding by one of the world’s most renowned roboticists, Seegrid continues to attract some of the best and the brightest talent. Our culture of passion, drive, and innovation carries into everything we do as a company. At Seegrid, we see the bright future of autonomous navigation, and we’re living that future today.

Let’s discuss how Seegrid Vision can solve your materials handling challenges.

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