Vision Guided Vehicles

The Next Generation of AGV


Our patented Vision technology transforms standard pallet trucks and tow tractors into driverless vision guided vehicles (VGVs). Unlike traditional AGVs, our state-of-the-art VGVs are 100% infrastructure free–operating without lasers, wires, magnets or tape–for unmatched flexibility.

Seegrid VGVs have driven over 200,000 miles, solving the greatest challenges facing materials handling today.

  • Optimize throughput productivity
  • Improve facility safety
  • Reduce labor and operating costs
  • Eliminate product damage

You're in Good Company

  • Whirlpool converted from forklift delivery to tugger and dolly train delivery to make our manufacturing process more efficient. Seegrid’s vision guided pallet trucks and tow tractors were a natural next step in the evolution to a fork-free environment. The Seegrid solution is simple, highly effective, and presented the lowest risk of any other material handling automation available for our parts-to-line application. Seegrid VGVs simplified our parts delivery process and allowed Whirlpool to redeploy manpower to value-added roles in the plant.
    Jim Keppler Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain & Quality
    Whirlpool Corporation
  • Our customers are continually focused on increasing productivity while reducing labor costs. Raymond automated lift trucks, which are equipped with Seegrid vision technology, provide productive and labor efficient solutions.
    Michael Field Chief Executive Officer
    The Raymond Corporation
  • Seegrid VGVs are the medium-duty automated solution of choice within Daimler
    Trucks North America production facilities. We chose Seegrid because the vision
    technology does not require infrastructure for navigation. Vision guided tow tractors
    allow Daimler Trucks North America to reduce labor costs and provide a safer work environment for team members.
    Jeremy Tyger Manufacturing Engineering Manager
    Daimler Trucks North America
  • From an efficiency standpoint, we have reduced manned travel from putaway by 20-30% and increased hi-lift pallet per hour by 35-45%. The cost effectiveness that the system incorporates has allowed us to remain successful in an extremely competitive environment and bring value to our end customers.
    Joe Hurley Sr. VP of Distribution and Logistics
    Giant Eagle
  • The 3D perception technology in Seegrid’s vision guided vehicles (VGVs) sets the intelligence standard for industrial guided vehicles. As the material handling industry continues to adopt more robotic automation, Seegrid’s machine vision system gives us an important competitive advantage. VGVs from Seegrid have out of the box functionality and can be safely deployed across our operations without the need for any reengineering or infrastructure upgrades. As a result of our initial success, we’ve expanded our use of Seegrid’s technology, deploying its VGVs across additional facilities to support our manufacturing needs.
    Michael Thompson Seegrid Vision Guided Vehicles United Technology
    Michael Thompson II Lean Transformation Leader
    United Technologies

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