Seegrid self-driving AGVs, using our proprietary vision technology, move materials for the world’s largest companies.

Our industrial automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are hard at work every day — increasing throughput, improving safety, and reducing labor costs in warehouses and manufacturing plants.


Seegrid AGVs—also known as Vision Guided Vehicles (VGVs)—navigate with our proprietary, patented vision technology. This means Seegrid AGVs have the most thorough visual understanding of self-driving industrial vehicles on the market today. Unlike outdated, laser-based navigation with a narrow and limited field-of-view, Seegrid vehicles are built to “see” just like humans do, giving them unmatched tolerance to environmental changes. On a Seegrid AGV, a series of stereo cameras work in unison to continuously capture and build a three-dimensional, computer-generated view of the world around them. Which means, when something in the environment changes, Seegrid AGVs compute thousands of up-to-the-moment reference points to continue successful navigation, uninterrupted. Unlike any other AGV on the market, Seegrid self-driving vehicles navigate with a complete, photographic view of the world, and as a result, reduces the risk of downtime —which is a common and costly challenge with laser technology.


Manufacturing and warehousing environments are highly dynamic. That’s why Seegrid self-driving vehicles are built for flexibility—our AGVs adapt to your facility, eliminating the need for you to commit to rigid infrastructure requirements such as wires, tape, or laser reflectors. With Seegrid technology, changing routes is easy: our solutions give you the power to quickly train and retrain routes while production is running. Your own operators can drive or walk your Seegrid AGV along your desired routes. The adaptability of Seegrid AGVs means you don’t have to interrupt your operation and bring in an engineer or consultant when you want to make a change. When processes change, simply redeploy your Seegrid AGVs to different functions or shifts. Thanks to our infrastructure-free, vision-enabled approach—you have total flexibility and complete control.


Control your vehicles in seconds flat. Dispatching can be manual or rule-based. On the AGV, green means go — simply enter your desired destination on the screen and activate driverless mode. Or, leverage Seegrid Supervisor, Seegrid’s fleet management software, to put Seegrid AGVs to work. From factory floor call buttons to wearable and mobile devices to warehouse management system integrations, your team can dynamically train, dispatch, and re-route Seegrid AGVs to other locations or a different manufacturing line to support changing demands. What’s more, because of our superior services, you’re closer to your ROI goal because our team can get you up and running on day one.



Our automated pallet trucks offer fully seamless and safe material movement to execute hands-free load exchange from pick-up to drop-off.


Our automated tow tractors, also referred to as automated tuggers, reliably move multiple loads to reduce trips—saving time, increasing throughput productivity, and reducing labor costs.

Achieve Greater Throughput

The ability to reliably and predictably deliver materials is critical to operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our AGVs do exactly what you train them to do — on time, every time, any time. Day, night, or both, each and every application is carried out with the same robotic precision for hours on end without fail. Disruptions and delays cause productivity — and profit — to decline. Seegrid AGVs deliver consistently, which is critical to meeting and exceeding your throughput goals.

Improve Facility Safety and Employee Satisfaction

Jobs performed by our vision powered AGVs are monotonous, extremely physical, and potentially dangerous. Yet Seegrid AGVs don’t have bad days, cut corners, or get distracted. In their more than 1,750,000+ miles of real-world autonomous operation, Seegrid AGVs have had zero personnel safety incidents. When you rely on Seegrid for material transport, your employees can focus on optimizing fleet management, improving operational organization, analyzing logistics or any number of other value-add capabilities.

Maximize Productivity and Realize Cost Savings

Predictable throughput and maximum utilization are essential to achieving material flow efficiencies. Seegrid AGVs provide a safe way to eliminate material handling waste—waiting, downtime, faulty product movement—to help you maximize productivity and save on production costs. With increased efficiencies in material flow, improved facility utilization, and the reliability of our vision technology, you are positioned to optimize workflow processes today—and into the future. What’s more, from implementation to spare parts, maintenance and services—Seegrid offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

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