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Applications for
Seegrid Palion™ Lift AMR

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  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
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Inbound to End Cap

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Inter-Facility: End Cap to Wrapper

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Wrapper to Outbound

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Inbound to Bulk Storage

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Inter-Facility: Bulk Storage to Assembly Line

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Outbound: Finished Goods to Warehouse

Palion Lift

Flexible transport and vertical handling of goods

Palion Lift AMRs provide safe and reliable end-to-end task automation for low-lift processes, automating material movement to and from storage, staging areas, and workcells.

With advanced Smart Path sensing capabilities and 360° safety coverage, Palion Lift excels in complex environments across the enterprise: consistently and securely moving material in dynamic facilities. Achieve safer, more cost-effective vertical movement for low-lift processes.


We are passionate about delivering safe, flexible, and effective automation solutions that work.

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