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Seegrid Palion
Tow Tractor AMR

10,000 LB LOAD CAPACITY  |  4.0 MPH


Intelligently transform material handling with Seegrid Palion Tow Tractor, the top choice for heavy, horizontal moves throughout your facility.


Fully Autonomous Material Movement 
for Cart Trains and Heavy Payloads

Facilities are safer when our Palion AMRs take over the monotonous, extremely physical, and dangerous work. Our robots always follow the rules of the road, creating a safe and collaborative environment. Learn More. 

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Proven, Predictable Performance

With 13M+ autonomous miles driven to date, Seegrid Palion AMRs do exactly what you expect them to do–delivering on time, every time.

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Reduced Operating Costs

Optimize workflow processes and lower operational costs with consistent and efficient delivery of goods and labor predictability.

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Dispatch or redeploy your Palion AMR fleet during production for unparalleled flexibility and unmatched ROI.

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Repetitive Tasks

Palion robots do the monotonous, hard labor tasks allowing your human workforce to focus on value-add, cognitive tasks.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Intelligent. Aware. Transformative.

Seegrid's AI-based algorithm collects and prioritizes massive amounts of live data, enabling our robots to navigate busy industrial environments.

Key Applications for Seegrid Palion Tow

Palion Tow Tractor autonomously transports cart trains and other payloads using proprietary technology for hands-free flexibility–increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.

Parts-to-Line Workflow Icon


Transfer parts, materials, or work-in-progress goods to another processing stage.

Putaway Workflow Icon


Transport product from the receiving dock to storage location.

Trash Removal Workflow Icon

Trash Removal

Move product from staging or wrapping locations to the outbound loading dock.

Replenishment Workflow Icon


Move inventory from storage to picking and shipment locations.

Long Haul Workflow Icon

Long Hauls

Transport product over long distances.

Cross Docking Workflow Icon

Cross Docking / Virtual

Move product to and from the shipping, receiving and staging areas.

Delivering More.


Global Brands


Customer Sites


AMRs Deployed


Autonomous Miles Driven

We've been able to take employees in our facilitity who were doing more mundane work and and position them in more value added roles - and let the Seegrid AMRs do the work.
Jim Keppler

VP Integrated Supply Chain, Whirlpool

Seegrid’s technology is extremely reliable, easy for our operators to use, and ultimately enables us to reduce costly variability in our operations.
Peter Westrick

Engineering Manager, Guardian Industries

The implementation was the easiest implementation of any capital investment I've ever done in my career in manufacturing.
Jacob Becker

Continuous Improvement Manager, 
Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Product Specifications

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Technical Details

Maximum Capacity: 10,00 lbs
Maximum Automatic Speed: Up to 4.0 mph; Reverse -0.7 mph
Width: 36"
Length: 76"
Wheels: Rubber


ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2019 / ANSI B11.0
UL 583 certified
Safety-rated personnel detection system
Secondary 3D object detection system
3 Emergency stop buttons
LED lightbar for turning and status
Acoustic warning system

Quick Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Palion Tow is limited by weight—not by cart train length. Therefore, it can tow any number of carts as long as the total load capacity is no greater than 10,000 lbs.

Explore Resources

How Seegrid is Driving Safety

Seegrid Palion AMRs are the market leader in robust navigation, and go above and beyond ANSI B56.5 safety standards, as well as satisfy all applicable safety requirements of ANSI R15.08. Our robots work seamlessly–and safely–alongside their human coworkers.

Autonomous Buffer Management for Transformative Material Handling 

Seegrid announces the groundbreaking release of Autonomous Buffer Management (ABM), revolutionizing the way warehouses, manufacturing, and logistics facilities automate pallet and other payload-based inventory buffers to optimize their mission-critical workflows.

Automate Complex Applications with Simplicity and Ease

Seegrid’s Fleet Central software provides customers with a user-friendly
fleet management interface to allow for easily orchestrated Palion AMR workflows within their facility.

Autonomy that works with you.

Revolutionize your material workflows with Seegrid's innovative and comprehensive autonomous technology solutions that work. Experience best-practice consultation, real-world deployment expertise, and ongoing product support to ensure you achieve industry-leading ROI.

The future is autonomous—and the possibilities are limitless.