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Patent Marking

Pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 287(a), this website provides notice to the public that certain Seegrid products are covered by one or more U.S. Patents. A patented product may be sold as a unit, as a component, or as a part of a combination system or product.


The information is updated periodically and may not list all Seegrid products that are covered by patents or every patent that covers a Seegrid product.The following list of Seegrid products may not be all inclusive, and other Seegrid products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.


The absence of a product name from this list or a U.S. Patent number associated with a listed product does not constitute a waiver of Seegrid’s patent, trademark, or other intellectual property rights concerning that product.


Although Seegrid owns patents in many countries, the patent marking information provided on this site applies only to the United States.


This site is not intended to provide legal advice and does not waive any legal rights or remedies that Seegrid may have.


Last updated: March, 2024


Seegrid products are covered by one or more United States issued or pending patents, including but not limited to:


Seegrid Palion™ Lift AMR
Seegrid Palion™ Tow Tractor AMR
Seegrid Palion™ Pallet Truck AMR

  • 7,446,766
  • 8,427,472
  • 7,880,637
  • 8,892,256
  • 8,838,268
  • 9,603,499
  • 8,433,442
  • 8,755,936
  • 8,169,596
  • 9,310,608
  • 9,910,137
  • 8,892,241
  • 9,592,961
  • 8,864,164
  • D680,142
  • D730,847
  • 9,965,856
  • 11,292,498
  • 11,693,403
  • 11,884,314
  • D1013000

Seegrid Auto-charger:

  • 11,850,959