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Powered by Seegrid Vision, VGVs are the next generation of AGVs, transforming the way materials move throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities.

zero infrastructure

No lasers, wires, magnets or tape
–that means no interruption to your operation and no changes to your facility.

unmatched flexibility

Dispatch your fleet of VGVs to different applications, shifts, or new facilities as your business grows.

proven expertise

With hundreds of thousands of production miles driven, our expertise in vision guided autonomous travel is unrivaled.

big results for big brands

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increase throughput productivity

Our VGVs do exactly what you train them to do—on time, every time, any time day or night. One minute of downtime costs tens of thousands of dollars, so consistency is critical to meeting and exceeding your throughput goals.

improve employee and facility safety

VGVs don’t have bad days. They don’t cut corners. And they don’t get distracted. In over 500,000 miles of real-world autonomous operation, Seegrid VGVs have had zero personnel safety incidents. VGVs provide a safe, predictable way to improve the efficiency of your facility.

reduce labor and operating costs

VGVs allow you to do more with less. Optimize workflow processes and cut costs out of your operation with consistent and efficient delivery of goods. With VGVs in place, employees can be redeployed to value-added roles.

eliminate product damage

drive process innovation

reduce employee turnover

supervisor enterprise intelligence

Manage, monitor, and control your VGV fleet with Seegrid Supervisor, our state of the art fleet management software. Supervisor delivers real-time status updates, intersection management, and remote dispatching of your fleet. Supervisor integrates with external control devices and existing software systems to achieve Industry 4.0 initiatives, providing valuable insight into the efficiency of your operation.

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our fleet in action

Hard at work in many industries, our VGVs are boosting productivity in a variety of applications.

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unmatched flexibility

At Seegrid, we deliver more than just a great product. Our team of experts is committed to your success.

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Our vision guided pallet trucks and tow tractors are available throughout North America and Europe.

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