Seegrid Automated
Pallet Truck



4.0 MPH

Our automated pallet trucks offer fully seamless and safe material movement to execute hands-free load exchange from pick-up to drop off.

Fully Automated Material Movement – From Pick-up to Drop-off

Seegrid self-driving vision guided vehicles (VGVs) transport materials for the world’s largest companies. Seegrid’s self-driving pallet truck autonomously picks up, transports, and delivers pallets and other heavy-duty loads up to 8,000 pounds for an end-to-end material handling solution.

Unlike old AGV technology, Seegrid self-driving vehicles are built for flexibility. Our solution gives you the power to retrain routes in-house without Seegrid engineers and deploy your VGVs in minutes to different functions or shifts.

With Seegrid’s self-driving pallet truck, your goods arrive on time, every time.

How Our Vehicles Work

We make it safe and easy to put your fleet to work with a push of a button.


    Drive or walk the vehicle along your desired routes while the vehicle’s “eyes” capture and build a detailed 3D map of the world around it.


    Simply enter your desired destination on the screen and hit the go button to activate driverless mode.

  • GO

    The vehicle goes to work immediately, driving the trained routes and taking commands from Seegrid Supervisor to ensure consistent delivery of goods.

Explore Seegrid Smart Solutions


Facilities are safer when our vision guided vehicles take over the monotonous, extremely physical, and dangerous work. Our vehicles always follow the rules of the road, creating a safe and collaborative environment.

Fleet Management

Maximize the success of your vehicles with our fleet management software. Seegrid Supervisor monitors your VGVs and controls the movement of materials throughout your facility.

Service & Support

Our experts are here to advise and support you from initial consultation to daily analysis of your fleet. Our dedicated support teams ensure you’re realizing the fullest potential of your solution.

We are passionate about delivering safe, flexible, and effective automation solutions that work.

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