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Actionable Insights into Seegrid Palion AMR Performance

Fleet Geek™, our cloud-based fleet analytics software, provides a holistic, data-driven, enterprise-wide view of material flow throughout your facilities. On-demand insights empower informed decision making to improve Palion AMR performance, drive automation adoption, and increase efficiencies to streamline material flow.


Expand visibility of your operation to better communicate status, drive automation adoption, and boost your bottom line with real-time, intuitive data visualizations.


Allow employees to focus on higher-value, safer, and more rewarding tasks while working seamlessly in conjunction with AMRs.

Scale Across Your Enterprise

Fast track a connected, scalable solution with secure data communication with Palion AMRs using critical data from Supervisor, our powerful fleet management software program.

Take Your Automation Project to the Next Level

Industrial automation provides substantial benefits, including increased flexibility, productivity, safety, and scalability. However, realizing the full potential of automation technologies requires a holistic, data-driven understanding of material flow, with workers and technology working together effectively. On demand dashboard views of Palion AMR data helps facilitate informed decision making and ensures that the entire fleet is being fully utilized to hit key performance indicators and maximize productivity.

Deliver Results with Actionable Insights


Track Deliveries at a Glance

Get actionable insights into Palion AMR productivity by tracking the total number of deliveries your fleet completed over the past hour, day, or week. Monitor the productivity of individual robots to identify areas for improvement.

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Boost Capacity

Increase the capacity of your fleet to maximize your investment. Use data to identify periods of low utilization and redeploy your Palion AMRs to different functions or shifts to increase fleet output.


Optimize Fleet Performance

Quickly pinpoint and resolve workflow interruptions. Use Fleet Geek to identify and streamline processes with high wait times, target areas to implement continuous improvement, and make your facilities more efficient across every shift.


AMR Checkup

Proactively avoid downtime by monitoring the health and reliability of your Palion AMR workforce. Quickly diagnose workflow bottlenecks with detailed analysis of individual robots or perform wellness checks across your fleet.

Maximize the Value of Your Fleet

Increase visibility into your unique workflows to confidently streamline efficiencies for a reliable, agile fleet. Actionable analytics form the foundation for determining where you are today and defining what is possible tomorrow.


Discover how Fleet Geek can deliver actionable insights to drive continuous improvement.

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Explore Seegrid Automation Solutions

Seegrid combines autonomous mobile robots, enterprise software, and the dedication of our experienced team for a connected material handling solution for streamlining warehouse management with automation technology.


Facilities are safer when our Palion AMRs take over the monotonous, extremely physical, and dangerous work. Our robots always follow the rules of the road, creating a safe and collaborative environment.

Fleet Management

Maximize the success of your automation with Seegrid’s enterprise software. Monitor, control, and gain impactful insights into the movement of materials throughout your facility.

Service & Support

Our experts are here to advise and support you from initial consultation to daily analysis of your fleet. Our dedicated support teams ensure you’re realizing the fullest potential of your solution.


We are passionate about delivering safe, flexible, and effective automation solutions that work.

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